I'm just a girl trying to make a living and on my free time, I write about what I feel or think I should feel.

I don't like to lecture but I sometimes give unsolicited advice.
I'm not combative nor do I enjoy debates.
I like choosing the path of least resistance because it's easy.
I have opinions which I don't share and thoughts that I do share.

Sometimes I'm slow and sometimes I don't react at all to what goes on around me...both of which can be explained by my special affinity to laziness.
I can be sarcastic if I think it's worth the effort.
I can be very sweet when I'm in the mood.
I can be insensitive and indifferent.

I'm very smart AND an underachiever.  (Please see reference to path of least resistance and laziness).
I'm slightly bipolar with OCD (my own diagnosis).
My room can seesaw between military precision and total disaster.

My bookshelves contain romance novels, law books, children's and young adult novels.

I like watching clouds.
I love ice cream without the chewies.
I like paint-with-water coloring books.

I can't draw.
I love singing and dancing, not necessarily at the same time.
My family tells me that I'm talkative.
My friends tell me that I'm a good listener.
Sometimes I'm selfish and shallow. Ok, more often than not, I'm selfish and shallow.
I make up for it by being affectionate. I love hugs!

I like underdog movies and rom-coms.
I'm not a gourmet cook.
I'm handy with minor repairs around the house.

I want a happy ever after without going through all the drama.
I pray for world peace.

I pray a lot but I don't go to church.
I believe in fate AND in free will.

This is just a very small portion of who I am.
Or, this could be all that I am.

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